Solar System Solutions

Application Field

We provide green power to organizations and institutions that use large amounts

of electricity, enabling peak cutting and valley filling, grid frequency regulation,

power expansion and backup power to help customers minimize their electricity costs.

We focus on shopping malls, large factories, real estate developments and farms, resorts

and other scenarios. As a provider of 100% uninterrupted, low cost green electricity, we will

continue to provide you with the best power solutions.

About Us

Guangdong Bolei Energy Saving Co.,Ltd. is one of few companies worldwide that specialize in R&D, production and sales of solar renewable energy, LED lighting products and flowmeter products.

Our products are mainly exported to clients in such countries and regions as North,America, South America,Europe, Oceania, Mid East, Asia, Africa. We are making great efforts in researching and developing new products to meet different standards and 
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Our Commitment To You
We are proud to partner with these projects to accelerate their project schedule.
þ Unlimited Modifications Before Mass Production
þ Professional Technical Support
þ Two-Year Warranty

PV Experience
Covering country
Equivalent of trees saved

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